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Pottery Vase Noosa Shire: Iconic Queensland: Flying Arts Regional Art Awards

Iconic Queensland

Queensland is rich with iconic structures, people, locations, events and lifestyles that shape the States identity.
Artists are invited to consider the unique and iconic elements within their own regions, to produce works that reflect our diverse Queensland communities.

Vote Now: Peoples Choice – Queensland Regional Art Awards 2017

Voting is being held until:   11 September 2017 @ 5:00 pm

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My Artist Statement:

Kurui: Pottery Vase Noosa Shire

Noosa Shire is a natural expression of an environmental milieu, leisure sovereignty with a spiritual disposition. My hometown is Cooroy and it takes its name from the nearby mountain “kurui” from the Gubbi Gubbi Indigenous word meaning possum. It is from here a 360 degree view can be seen, from the mountains ranges to the sea with its white sandy foreshores.

My selection of clay is white and gritty like the sand of these foreshores where the population is at its densest, they gather to bathe in the lightest to the darkest blue sea. Tropical vegetation meets the foreshore and reaches to the mountains, it smells fresh, reinvigorates and cleanses the soul.

The vase style encapsulates this essence of wholeness and deep within, sturdy and reliable, a fusion of the earth, air, water and fire, at a point in time forever.