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Pottery Studio Plan

Inside my pottery studio

Ever wondered how to set up your pottery studio, well it’s all about work flow and space capacity.

I moved into the new section of my studio about three months ago and my space is ever changing, depending on what is happening e.g. glazing, throwing etc. Though don’t get me wrong thinking that I am constantly moving equipment around, I’m not. I have specific areas to do specific jobs.

My studio plan works according to the space 5m x 12m + back verandah connected to the kiln room.

At the front door I have a display area consisting of white shelving, natural wood wall divider, a focus table to display the latest work, a bookshelf and seating area. On the LHS is the office space, pottery wheels at the front to keep an eye out for visitors, then clay preparation, decoration table, tools cabinet with the slab roller in the middle back wall. Back door leading to clay development or wet area and kiln room.

Leading in from the back door is the cleaning equipment and pug mill storage, then coffee/kitchen/water area. I have industrial shelving with varying shelf heights to store my work, an old fridge used as a damp cupboard. Photographic area which backs onto the room divider near the front of the workshop.

I’m lucky enough to still have the old section which is about 4m x 12m and it has a clay storage, glaze ingredients, glaze development and grinding areas.

The work flow is clay in the front door, through the development processes which is goes around the room and back out to the front door display area. I use a wooden board system, so I can move about 8-12 items at a time to save time!