Donkey Cart Wheel

Donkey Cart Wheel – Carved Drink Coasters

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Product: 2 drink coasters

Technique: This Moroccan Blue Sky series, as the name depicts is inspired from my travels. This piece is hand made from rolled out clay.

Design: Carved at leather hard stage of drying to create the free-form design and to reveal the underlying clay surface.

Glaze: A raw cobalt ash glaze is applied to emphasize the different textures between the two surfaces as it runs into the crevices.

Ideas for usage: Place under your coffee cup, water or wine glass.

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Product Description

Title:   Donkey Cart Wheel
             Carved Drink Coasters (2 items)
             Moroccan Blue Sky Series

Year:  2016

Clay: White stoneware

Made:  Hand carved

Glaze: Cobalt ash glaze

Fired: Gas kiln under reduction

Additional Information

Weight .14 kg
Dimensions 9 cm