Noosa River Tides – long vessel #66

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Technique: This series of long vessels are created on the pottery wheel with no base, cut and pushed together then lifted off the wheel. A flat slab base is attached and beveled to appear floating off the surface.

Design: Sgraffito (Italian “to scratch”) through a layer of blue slip at leather hard stage of drying to create the free-form design and to reveal the underlying clay surface.

Glaze: A clear glaze is applied to emphasize the different textures between the two surfaces.

Ideas for usage: Ikebana – Japanese art of flower arrangement;  Food Presentation; Bath/Kitchen holdall.



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Product Description

Title:  Noosa River Tides – long vessel (66)

Year:  2016

Clay: White stoneware

Made:  Wheel thrown, altered, slip and sgraffito

Glaze: Clear

Fired: Gas kiln under reduction

Additional Information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 17 x 5 x 8 cm